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Aetrex High Performance Footcare Products for Web/Print

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The following downloadable images are in jpeg-300 dpi* and tiff format for Web, print promotional and advertising materials. Please click on the 'jpeg' or 'tiff' link below for the images you wish to download.

Download instructions:
for PC users, click right mouse button on the download link and choose "Save Target As". For Mac users: Hold down option and click on the download link.

Float Gel Insoles
# 4070
jpeg | tiff
Bounce Gel Insoles
# 4075
jpeg | tiff
Gel Heel Cradles - Neutral
# 50750
jpeg | tiff
Gel Heel Cradles - Posted
# 50760
jpeg | tiff

Gel Heel Cups - Neutral
# 50770
jpeg | tiff
Gel Heel Cups - Posted
# 50780
jpeg | tiff
Work/Dress Heel Cushions
# 50740
jpeg | tiff
Sports Heel Cups
# 1307
jpeg | tiff

Cross Trainer
Performance Insoles
# 40662
jpeg | tiff
Performance Insoles
# 40663
jpeg| tiff

Aetrex Low Arch Orthotic
# 1540
jpeg | tiff
Aetrex Med. Arch Orthotic
# 1560
jpeg | tiff
Aetrex High Arch Orthotic
# 1580
jpeg | tiff
Outdoor Performance Socks
(collage shot ONLY)
#'s S900, S920, S940
jpeg | tiff

Walker/Runner Performance Socks (White ONLY)
#'s S870, S874, S876
jpeg | tiff
Cross Trainer Performance Socks (collage shot ONLY)
#'s S820, S824, S826
jpeg | tiff
Everyday Performance Socks (Black ONLY)
#'s S800, S810, S840, S850, S860
jpeg | tiff

*If you need higher resolution images, please contact your sales rep or call us at 1-800-526-2739

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